Marvel: Tales of Suspense #26 – The Face!

The Face! Not only the front cover for Blake Bell’s Stranger and Stranger book but also a 5-page tale from Tales of Suspense #26 from back in 1962. So what is it about? Not a whole lot, except for a haunting story which centers around the theft of a precious – yet haunted – jewel. Its a glance at a past example of Steve Ditko’s ‘face montages’ which are often used in his new work and are a favorite of his to show surrounding pressures by peers or a character whom is being scrutinized by the world. Here it is, enjoy (click to enlarge):

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3 Responses to Marvel: Tales of Suspense #26 – The Face!

  1. Very early in Ditko’s career he was showing that he was an exceptional artist. This is the kind of thing that he could do that never even occurred to most artists.

  2. What a wonderful twist end! I had never read this before, although i had seen the splash before. I was honestly caught off guard by the ending! Thanks for sharing! I had been aware of Ditko as a creator of Monster pieces prior to Spider-man, as witnessed in Fantasy Masterpieces reprints, but now, I am enjoying much more in the marvel Masterworks Atlas era reprint books, as well as other Monster Masterworks paperback and more.

  3. Having just scored the Marvel Masterworks that contains this reprint, I’m very pleased. However, I am shocked by something that Art Adams points out in his 4 page introduction to the volume. He says the last panel on the fifth page of TOS #28 contains an image that is unfortunate. Can we get a look at “The Secret of the Black Planet” and see if this was intentional or accidental, guys?

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