INFO: Big Haul O’ Ditko

Just received several large orders of Steve Ditko work.
In the haul, is a large order from Robin Snyder containing: Acts 5-8, Avenging Mind, The cover series and a large, generous sample of The Comics (which I am now going to have to subscribe to….its fabulous!). Also arriving the same day is an issue of FEAR (reprints Ditko’s horror stories) and finally Big Boy – which I have found difficult to find and was at the top of my ‘wants’ list. Here is some snaps (click to enlarge):

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4 Responses to INFO: Big Haul O’ Ditko

  1. It’s always nice to land a really big haul of cool old comics and zines!

  2. DitkoCultist says:

    yeh love it! Will last me about a week!

  3. jrobertsmith says:

    I’m working a deal now that will basically leave me with the majority of Ditko’s work in the pre-hero Marvels. All originals–I’m not a big fan of reprints.

  4. DitkoCultist says:

    I too am not a big fan of reprints, however the FEAR series is really like buying a ‘best of’ but in separate parts. It allows the reader to compare horror stories to their modern counterparts and allows you to see what different takes on the horror genre the masters had from one another; a sort of compare and contrast.

    It has the great horror stories from the likes of Kirby and Ditko which otherwise would be in worse condition and of inferior print quality. The fear series are very vibrant in coloring and of nice ‘higher’ quality paper.

    What are the pre-hero books are you currently are dealing over?

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