Marvel: ROM #66 – The day after!

I love ROM! I have to say it. For me, it is the most underrated of Steve Ditko’s work. It is vibrant, extravagant, detailed, handsome, well colored, well inked (despite the variety of different inkers) and the story is well written – which can only add to the great art! Any Steve Ditko science fiction story is great, but ROM Spaceknight, for me: is – the – best. It is a rare opportunity to see some ‘flashy’ Ditko art. This story – “The day after” – captures the sad end of the Dire Wraiths who in the last arc (also penciled by Ditko and will be posted on here one day) were defeated with the help of both ROM and his friend FORGE. Here are some highlights from the ’emotional’ issue and a very enthusiastic letters page, enjoy! (Click to enlarge):

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2 Responses to Marvel: ROM #66 – The day after!

  1. Who did the colors for that book? Very imaginative choices! I would look at ROM occasionally, but I never read it as a series. Not sure why, unless it was just that it was a spinoff from the popular toy. I know that didn’t stop the book from being well-written, it was just a negative for me that I couldn’t work past. One of my pals at work loves that comic. In fact, ROM is his favorite comic book of all time.

  2. DitkoCultist says:

    Petra Scotese did the coloring, its pretty wild! You should read it one day. It has its ups and downs but overall (especially from #59-#75) it really is a great series with a showcase of talent.

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