Atlas: The Destructor #1

The Destructor to me contains some of Ditko’s most underrated work. Although the print run was limited and small, these issues can be snapped up – unread and crisp – for just a few bucks. Despite being forgotten in time The Destructor had a great creative team. With Wally Wood inking, Archie Goodwin writing and of course Steve Ditko doing the pencils this issue has some treats.There is one downside to the issue – the paper quality: which is grainy, thin and murky which unfortunately does not do justice to the issue. However, with that aside this is still fantastic.

This is the first issue of a four part run and is titled “The Birth of a Hero” – explaining the origins of The Destructor.
Jay Hunter, a young mob loyalist,  is targeted by the group of villans he had served for so long. His father, a scientist, is caught up in the dispute and they are both seriously wounded by a hail of gunfire. The father dies, but thanks to a magic serum he had created his son, Jay, survives. The serum gives Jay strength, agility and acute senses which he uses to get revenge on his old mob boss, Raven.

Here are some page highlights from the Issue (click to enlarge):

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