Ditkomania: #84 – Now available

Rob Imes, independent printer and writer, has just shipped out the new 84th issue of Ditkomania to readers and enthusiasts around the world.

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This months theme for the magazine is “Ditko at Marvel”, which primarily celebrates and explores the upcoming release:  “Hulk and the Human Torch” – which is to be released/printed for the first time after being retrieved from the Marvel Vaults.

This new issue contains the articles:

  • Steve Ditko and Me: Mort Todd’s Marvel Years (part 1of2)
    by Michael Aushenker
  •  Ditko in Your Future (Hulk and Human Torch piece)
    by uncredited 
  • The Ditko Bookshelf: Act 7 Review
    by Rob Imes
  • The Thought behind the Word (on Atlas Shrugged)
    by Rodney Schroeter
  • Steve Ditko’s Iron Man
    by Ceylon Anderson
  • Peter Park and Aunt May
    by Barry Pearl
It also contains art (inc. frontcover) from regular contributor and Ditko influenced illustrator Martin Hirchak who’s work is always captivating and bold. Additional art from Mort Todd, Larry Blake and Steve Shipley.The articles are intelligent, insightful and a captivating to read; which is nothing unusual for Ditkomania. This is a magazine which any Steve Ditko fan cannot do without.

To order this issue or subscribe to the bi-monthly magazine visit:


Thanks again to Rob Imes for another fantastic release of Ditkomania!

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